Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh what do you do in the summertime?

here is a photo log of some of the activities our girls have enjoyed this summer (that i haven't yet blogged about):


nani swing 

we love the dimit's backyard with their baby pool and play structure, and now a new trampoline! we've spent many days over there enjoying the sunshine!


lala upside down

don't the girls look so cute in their matching swimsuits! i love it!



i've always loved pictures of goggle faces! they just make me smile!


nani bowl

the girls had their first bowling experience this year while tutu was visiting. they loved it!


lala bowl

lala was having a blast until her last bowl when she stepped over the line and ended up flat on her back with the ball on top of her. she didn't like it so much after that! why does that always seem to happen on the last one?!



kawena was much too busy chatting on the cell phone with her peeps to be bothered with bowling!



and, of course, the sprinklers! somebody's got to water the lawn, right?!

look at her go! she's flyin'!



i just love this face! (this picture is so cool to me because if you look close enough in the reflection of lala's eyes, you can actually see me taking the picture!

lala eye

so amazing the detail that my camera picks up! love it!)



look at the pure joy on their faces! i love when i capture such great expression in their faces! it's priceless!


sprinklerfun hug1

group hug!


sprinklerfun hug2


sprinkler kawena

i don't know why the grumpy face, but i love it!


we've had a fun filled summer and i am so happy i was able to capture some of it on film! what activities have your kids enjoyed that you've been able to captured on your camera?


ericandjanine said...

What great pictures!!! Looks like you've had a fun time!

Sarah said...

those are great pics. I love that grumpy face. She is just so cute.

Bridget said...

Those are fabulous Mahina. I love the one of the eye.

ashley said...

you really do get some cool shots of them and their happy little expressions! even the grumpy one is priceless! happy summer!

Darilyn said...

You are so talented Mahina. I love these pictures.

Nana said...

THanks for sharing. I was always sad to see the summer go. Even though it meant getting a chunk of time back - it was a gift to have the kids around all the time, and be free to make our own schedules.

jessica said...

Seriously....everytime I look at your pictures I realize I am not as good of a photogropher as I think I am. You did a beautiful job capturing the summer. And I think I want your camera.

Stephanie said...

Those are beautiful! You're pictures are so fun to look at, they are so professional. I especially love the group hug. So cute.

Melissa-Mc said...

Great pictures! I especially love the 1st one of Nani on the swing.

Becca said...

I love the one of Kalea's eye and Nani jumping through the sprinkler. Great pictures.

Mandy said...

Looks like your having a great summer! You are so talented Mahina can't wait for you to take pics of my clan.

Katie Smith said...

What a fun summer! I think summer is simply the best.

hoalawman said...

Mahina, you really have a gift for capturing spirit in your photo's. Can't wait to see more of them. Hug those cuties for Paula and I! Rich

Michal said...

wow, mahina. your photos are so professional and really capture the moment. my favorites are those in the sprinklers.

Elizabeth said...

Those are great pictures! We are SO coming to Albuquerque (or Rio Rancho) next summer to have you take our family photos! And we've had so much fun hanging out with you this summer! Have a fun trip!

sarahseekingsanity said...

I love the grumpy face too. Great pictures, glad you are having a fun summer.

calibosmom said...

Those are really great pics and I'll say it again, your girls are beautiful!

Danielle said...

What gorgeous pictures. And it sure helps that you have such gorgeous little girls. What sweet faces.

Lauren in GA said...

You are such a talented photographer. Seriously!

Fulkerson Clan said...

saw your blog address on the 80th ward website so i decided to check it out and i wasn't disappointed! great blog, awesome pics, what fun to read!

Ilene said...

That grumpy face is so sweet! Your girls are so adorable. I've said it before, but it still holds true. Not that you didn't know that already, huh?

i'm kelly said...

looks like so much fun!