Saturday, August 09, 2008

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anybody want to buy a house in the lovely beaverton area? it has beautiful valley views and a gorgeous greenbelt behind, offering privacy and the feeling of a retreat! we have loved this house and will be sad to leave the beautiful trees behind.


about a week ago, we were sitting in our breakfast nook,

Copy of nook

looking out at the forest of trees beyond our backyard on a quiet saturday morning, and i turned to mitch and said, "i'm going to miss this!"


he followed my gaze and asked, "the greenspace?"


i replied, all nostalgic, "no... *sigh* the trees!"

Copy of deck

we both just laughed because we are trading these gorgeous trees (that is a picture from our back deck) for lots and lots of sand! don't get me wrong i have come to see much beauty in the albuquerque landscape, but there aren't gobs and gobs of trees like we have here!


so, if you know anyone who loves trees and the feel of living in a house in the mountains, send them our way because we are officially back on the market! we got the sign


stuck in our front yard yesterday with plenty of flyers for the taking! so, be a pal and find us a buyer! okay?! hey, we'll even pay you a finders fee!!


if you want to see the listing go here.


Darilyn said...

Good Luck Girl. I'm gonna miss you so much when you are gone. I'm so glad we have blogs to keep us connected.

Siouxsie said...

So I guess when we make our big visit back to Oregon in a year or two, we'll have to be sure to go through Albuquerque, eh? Good luck on getting the house sold quickly and for a great price. You guys sure have turned it into a fantastic home. It looks fantastic on the listing.

Amanda D said...

Good luck! I hope it sells quickly, and you are able to find a house in NM that you love just as much!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...
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jessica said...

Oh you will miss the smell of green. Yes, colors have a smell. I realize how much I miss that green smell everytime I go through the mountains of Western Washington.

Hmm...makes me wonder what your shade of brown will smell like. Ours isn't so bad.

Sara said...

How fun for me to see your house finally (I looked at the listing)! :) I know you're about to leave it...but it's fun to catch a glimpse of your space for the last 8 years. Best wishes selling! I hope it goes quick and your move is a smooth one.

Danielle said...

good luck. maybe we will happen on a pile of money and we can buy your house. I will think positive thoughts for you.

Becca said...

good luck, I'm afraid I don't know anyone is Texas that wants to buy a house in Oregon.........but me! But the military just wont let us go yet. You will miss those trees, I do.

Ilene said...

I do miss the trees of Oregon. Funny, Boise, is French for tree or something like that. Obviously the French settlers hadn't reached Oregon when they found Boise.

Anonymous said...

I live in he Desert of Southern Utah. I miss the trees and mountains of Northan Utah all the time. I don't know if I could leave behind what you are!