Sunday, January 08, 2012

not at all what i planned

what i planned to do today (saturday):

  • get kale’a ready for her first ice skating lesson
  • send kale’a off to her first skating lesson with mitch
  • hangout with the other 5 kids at home having a leisurely saturday morning
  • go to costco
  • exercise
  • shower
  • send mitch and kale’a off to enjoy her christmas present of going to a coyotes hockey game
  • get the kids bathed for church tomorrow
  • have a movie/wii night with the other kids at home
  • start my very first project 365 post with pictures
  • go to bed at a decent hour

what ACTUALLY happened:

  • woke up a little late (about 9:30) because i stayed up late blogging last night :)
  • noticed mitch wasn’t home, the girls were playing wii and kale’a wasn’t ready for ice skating which they were supposed to be leaving for in a half hour
  • turned into a crazy woman trying to find kale’a’s “snow” gear for ice skating
  • mitch walked in the door covered in grass and limping worse than i’ve every seen him limp before asking for me to help pull his shoe off and saying, “ i think you’re going to have to take kale’a to ice skating today.”
  • run upstairs throw on some clothes
  • run downstairs and inhale some greek yogurt
  • leave 15 minutes late to take kale’a to her first ice skating lesson
  • come home to hungry children and my stomach is growling, too
  • mitch says he needs to go to urgent care because he thinks he tore a tendon playing football
  • we all pile into the car after getting everyone out of pj’s and into clothes (it is almost 1 pm), still hungry, and head to the urgent care
  • drop mitch off and take all the kids to in n’ out and bring it back to the urgent care so mitch can eat while he waits his turn
  • realize that in all the craziness that was this morning no one changed mae mae’s diaper and she is still in the diaper that we put on her last night before bed!! ack!!
  • corral 6 kids who are running around like a bunch of crazies outside the urgent care, while trying not to GO crazy myself (took some pictures while there, though)
  • over two hours later mitch comes out with the news that he tore his achilles tendon and needs an mri. oh man!!
  • the hockey game starts in less than 3 hours and is 45 minutes away which wouldn’t be a problem except that we bought the tickets on groupon under mitch’s name because he was supposed to take kale’a but now couldn't because of his newly acquired football injury.

this is when things REALLY get annoying… according to the groupon deal the tickets could only be picked up at the box office by the person whose name was on the groupon, which is mitch, the injured, unable to go dad!

  • we all pile into the car and make the 45 minute drive to the arena so mitch can hobble to the box office window and flash his id to acquire the tickets that will now be used by me and kale’a
  • the game now starts in less than 2 hours, so we turn back around and head home so i can drop everyone off just to turn back around to make it to the game on time
  • 15 minutes into the drive home mitch says, “we should have just left you there so you wouldn’t miss the beginning of the game.”
  • we get off at the next off-ramp and head back to the arena
  • we park the car so i can nurse the boys
  • kale’a and i wave goodbye as the family heads back home, again

this is where things got better for kale’a and i

  • the arena is next to an outdoor mall and there is 45 minutes before the game starts. on the way we walked by a coldstone and decide to make that our dinner
  • we finish our ice cream dinner and sit down in our seats just as the game begins
  • the game was awesome!!  we had a great time watching the coyotes beat the new york islanders
  • in the last half second of the final period, no joke, doan the team captain for the coyotes, scored his third goal of the game. those of you who don’t know hockey that is called a “hat trick”.  the crowd, including us, went crazy!  according to the guy sitting next to us ,this has not happened in 12 years for this team! wow!  and we were there when it happened!
  • mitch drives back to pick us up, leaving nani home with all of the kids, except maui, still awake (her first babysitting for longer than 30 minutes)
  • we get home just before 10:00
  • none of the children have bathed
  • the house is a DISASTER (only because mitch couldn’t do anything with his bum ankle)
  • i nurse makaio (who, i forgot to mention, has croup), put him to bed
  • the girls all jump into the shower TOGETHER
  • i start cleaning the house
  • nani puts the 2 and 5 year olds to bed
  • meltdown ensues with the 2 year old who wants to play the leapster in her bed, but mean ole’ mommy won’t let her because it is now 11:30
  • everyone is in bed by midnight… except me

instead, i am blogging about this crazy day because if i hadn’t lived it i wouldn’t believe that we could have survived it!  and because it will all be a big blur tomorrow, or i guess i should say today because it is now more than an hour into sunday, if i waited to write it down!  i will have to add the pictures of the day later after i get some sleep because i am way to exhausted to go through them and add them now!


let’s see:

  • no shower
  • no costco
  • no exercise, not to mention the horrid things i ate all day
  • no sleep
  • nothing leisurely about the day… i woke up and hit the ground running, not because i wanted to, but because i HAD to

some days just don’t turn out to be what you plan them to be!!  GOOD NIGHT!


paula said...

ahhhh wow !!

jessica said...

This post is crazy!!! On Thursday I wanted to do a post on how my day didn't go at all the way I had planned but it wasn't nearly as insane as yours! I'm glad you survived it. Can't wait to see pictures!

Amanda D said...

Wow, what a day! I hope that Mitch wont have to have surgery. I hope you got to rest the next day!

Danielle said...

oh--the life of being a mom. But, you survived, and live to fight another day. So glad to see you blogging.

hoalawman said...

This needs to be a Relief Society Lesson.