Sunday, May 24, 2009

never a dull moment


this third child of ours is really quite something! and when i say "quite something" i mean sometimes i just don't know what to do with her! half the time i want to be mad at her and the other half i can't help but roll my eyes and laugh!


let me just give you some examples of what this little 2 1/2 year old is up to these days:



let's start with today at church! she provided great entertainment value during sacrament meeting. first, about half way through the meeting she informed us, "me don't want mine dress on!" of course we tell her that she needs to keep it on because she can't be naked at church. but she insists, "but me don't want mine dress on!" next thing i know she has taken her arms out of the sleeves and the neck of the dress is down around her chest. mitch and i roll our eyes at each other with a grin and help her back into her dress.


i guess she got bored again because several minutes later. she left our pew and prostrated her cute little self on the floor in the middle of the aisle. she wasn't disturbing anyone so i just watched her out of the corner of my eye. next thing i know, she is making "snow angels" in the middle of the aisle. again, i chuckle to myself and decide that because she is being quiet i'll just let her be. then she lifts her cute little feet above her head flashing her princess panties to everyone. that is where i drew the line! i tried to grab her, without making a scene (not possible) and she starts screaming! mitch exits the chapel with her! if anyone was bored by the speaker, at least kawena was there to provide some comic relief!


after church the nursery leader came up to me and said, "i just have to tell you that i love having your daughter in nursery with us!" to which i say, "well, i'm glad to hear you saying that instead of something else!" then she proceeded to tell me, "today, she didn't seem to want to keep her dress on!"  oh great! she was streaking her naked little body in the nursery!

kawena bubble


kawena is a very picky eater, unfortunately! tonight while mitch was making dinner she told us, "me is starfing!" once the missionaries (we were feeding them tonight) arrived and we were all sitting around the table we dished up her dinner. she looked at it and said, "me don't like that!" after sitting there for about 5 minutes she starts pushing her chair away from the table and announces, "me not hungry!" oh? i thought you was "starfing"!

kawena lolli


so, she is potty trained at night now. you may think this is great. well, yes and no! it's wonderful because she doesn't need diapers! there is a catch though!


she will wake up on her own and go potty, BUT then she seems to think she is done sleeping! we're talking about 2 or 3 in the morning, people! that is so not cool! twice last week she went into her sister's bedroom and woke them up. the first time she couldn't find her bear's "rainbow blankie". so, she woke nani up, who was so sweet to actually get up out of bed at 3  am to help her find it. that same morning after nani went back to bed, kawena didn't! i found her at 5 am asleep on the rug in the hallway outside nani and kale'a's door.


last night mitch was up with her 3 or 4 times. after she went potty, she came into our room and wouldn't go back to her bed. mitch kept telling her that she need to go back to bed and she kept saying, "but me don't take naps!" (we think that she thinks that going to bed at night is taking a nap??? who knows!) the fourth time was because she couldn't find her blankie. so, mitch got up to help her. apparently, earlier she had gone into the girls room again, waken kale'a up this time, and left her blanket in there and that is why she couldn't find it!


and she wonders why she is so tired all day!!? hmmm??



as much as i want to be mad at her, i can't! she is just so stinkin' cute and funny!  the other night mitch said, "kawena, i am really going to miss you when you are older!" it is so true! i am going to miss her cute little 2 1/2 year old voice and all of the funny things she says when she isn't talking like this anymore! i sure hope that when we die and go to heaven that we can replay these moments when our kids are young and watch them over and over again!


Michal said...

what cute little stories about kawena. even though she'll grow up and stop being the adorable 2 year old, you'll have these written down to remember. it is sad to see the toddler years go, even though there are big benefits to having them be older. it's cliche, but i wish i could stop the clock. most of the time:)

janine said...

oh, i miss you guys! and i am fully planning on kawena marrying caleb! your pics are gorgeous as always! you don't want to swing up this direction this summer and take our family pics do you?

Melissa-Mc said...

I wish I'd been sitting behind you in Sacrament Meeting. That would have provided me MUCH entertaining for sure! Are you going to have to start safety-pinning her dresses on too?

tutu lady said...

Kawena, Kawena, Kawena, please don't change too fast, cuz I won't be seeing you for a few months. But, She'll probably just get better and funnier as time goes by. She's just too cute for words.

tutu lady said...

I love your new side pictures of everyone.(except you) I think you need a pic. of you up there too! Please.

Kristi said...

Cutie patootie! She's got personality written all over her face and I just love those stories.

Bridget said...

She is a crack up! Love that Kawena.

Grace said...

I miss your little girls...I can't believe Kawena is growing up so fast...what a sweetie,,,love your post on her

Malia said...

She is too cute! I have started to wonder what will happen when I have kids and they do things they shouldn't and that I should get mad at but its just too funny! I laugh when I see other peoples kids doing funny/naughty stuff... I wonder if it will be the same when they're mine.

Lauren in GA said...

She is so, so cute! I loved reading all about your, "starfing, snow angel making, streaker!!" I loved every word!