Sunday, May 10, 2009

"mother i love you, mother i do....

"Father in heaven has sent me to you

when i am near you i love to hear you

singing so softly that you love me too!

mother i love you i love you i do!"

~children's hymbook



i wish i could be with you so that i could hear you tell me that you love me (although, i am sure i will hear it on the phone when i talk to you later, it would just be nice to hear it while you hug me!)


now that i am the mother of 4, as you are, i understand more fully the challenges of motherhood in a way that i never did before. i am grateful for your example that i now rely upon to raise our children!


as i watch you interact with our daughters i see the qualities that made you such a great mom!



you love to do crafts with our girls and help them to be creative. you see their potential and you encourage them to express what is in their hearts!


tutu's visit_Mar042008_0068

you teach them the importance of good nutrition.


pickin with tutu

you teach them to work for the good things in life.



you comfort them when they are scared or hurt.



you teach them how to bake and cook.


tutus and girls

you laugh with them and let them know that they are funny.



you stimulate their minds and play games with them.



you show them how to be kind and nurture one another.


tutu's visit_Mar052008_0038

you read to them so they will have a love for reading.


tutu's visit_Mar042008_0060

you love them and they love you back.


i see all of these things, and much, much more, that you do for your granddaughters and i know why i turned out the way i did...


because from day one you believed in me and you taught me to reach for the sky, to set my sights on the stars and to believe that i could do anything that i wanted to if i would just believe in myself.  you taught me what i needed to know in order to succeed.


you've given so much so that i can have so much!


but even more than all of this, you shared your testimony of Jesus Christ with me that i might know Him. and because of that, i know that i can accomplish  anything that i set out to  achieve if i just trust in Him.


and that is the greatest gift you could have given me!



(does my head look huge in this picture, or what?! it must be because i am closer to the camera, right??!)


thank you, mom, for continuing to bless my life!


"i love you forever, i'll like you for always.

as long as i'm living my mommie you'll be!" (and through the eternities!)


happy mother's day!



your eldest daughter


Chelle said...

That picture of your kids with your parents sitting next to the couch is incredible. I think your mom and Nani look so much alike and to see them connecting with their eyes like that in that picture is beautiful. Great post.

Malia said...

Awww... soo sweet! Love you! Happy mother's day! and happy mothers day to mom! And yeah... whats with your head looking so big?! Hahah!

tutu lady said...

Mahalo, for a great tribute, makes me sound so good. I'm glad you have selective memory. You're a better mom than I ever was.(and so much cuter too!)

jessica said...

What a beautiful tribute. Clearly you have an amazing mom and more than I love this post I love your mom's comment. What a compliment.

Becca said...

very sweet post. You have a good momma (and a big head - lol)

Scott-n-Allison said...

Your big head (smile) is to hold all those wonderful memories and incredible knowledge that you have had passed on to you.

Thanks for wonderful moms...You included. I got to spend all afternoon with mine!

Lauren in GA said...

Don't you worry...your head does not look huge in that picture... but, your smile is huge and beautiful just as it should be.

I loved all of the pictures. Your mom is amazing and this post is such a fantastic tribute to her.

I love the picture of you as a baby. And I giggled at the picture of Kawena covering her eyes...her cheeks look so yummy!

Mandy said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day Mahina!

Danielle said...

What a wonderful letter to your mom! She is lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter who loves her so much. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!!!

Katie Smith said...

What a sweet tribute to your mother. She sounds like an amazing woman.

We've been in Oregon and I've missed a ton of posts. I LOVE the post of the baptism and blessing...what a special day. Your family is adorable!

ceddy said...

Mahina- I am in tears and they are running down my face. I love your mom and I am also blessed with a wonderful mother. One who I miss terribly.