Monday, July 14, 2008

making friends

i came across these pictures after i published cowgirl country and realized that i forgot to include them in the post. after the party was over and i was looking through the pictures that i had taken, i saw these and they just made me smile!

as i mentioned in my previous post, kawena was not at all interested in the big horses. apparently, she was interested in animals that were a little more her size. maryn has a dog that kawena found fascinating. he was tied up to a tree and was enjoying a little rest in the shade when kawena discovered him. I am so glad i was able to capture this exchange that she had with taz (i think that's his name?)...

new friend1

"hey there little ga-gy (pronounced like doggie just with a "g" at the beginning)! whatcha doin'?"

new friend2

"you're a cute ga-gy! can i pet you?"

new friend3

"good ga-gy!"

new friend4

"hey, what do you say we go sneak some birthday cake?! it looks really yummy and i don't think anyone's watching!"

new friend5

"oh, hey mom, i didn't see you there! look, i made a new friend! it's a cute ga-gy that says, 'foof, foof' (pronounced like woof but with an "f" at the beginning). we were just chattin'!"

i'm so glad that she makes friends so easily! and didn't taz look thoroughly engrossed during the whole exchange! that's my girl!


Sarah said...

I the way kids pronounce words wrong when they're so small. It's so cute. It's a hard transition of wanting to teach them the correct way and wanting to enjoy their way. I love they're way.

Malia said...

sooo cute! Man that dog looks pretty big! Good thing it was a nice ga ggy! I love the secong picture where both their heads are tilted to the side... sweet Kawena! I'm so excited I get to see you soon!!!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh gosh! Soooooo cute! Love the pic with heads tilled too!

jessica said...

great pics! My girls are not big fans of anything that has fur. What a brave girl!

Tonya said...

Very cute! Kawena looks completely content hanging out with Taz. Love that name for a dog:0)

Elizabeth said...

She is so cute! She could make friends with the fence post.

tutu lady said...

Auwww, I miss her so much. I miss all, ya'll. Very nice exchange. Good catch!

Hollyween said...

As always, your pics are gorgeous!
I also read about your OHSS and I'm so glad to hear your're feeling better. I've had ovarian problems in my life too and they're not fun.

I also can't wait to try out windows live writer!! Thanks for telling me!

Merilee said...

Wow, she is getting so grown up! What a doll.

Michal said...

she is just such a doll. and i adore genuine baby talk. i miss it when one day it just disappears.

Lauren in GA said...

She is so, so cute and sweet. I love the, "ga-gy" and the, "foof, foof" so, so cute!