Thursday, May 29, 2008

keeping it real

my dear friend darilyn tagged me. at first, i was not very excited because it required me to share pictures of parts of my life that i like to be kept private.

the rules: you must take 10 pictures of the following things right away without straightening or cleaning (that's the part that worried me). then you tag 5 others.

i was a bit concerned about the state of at least 6 of these things, however, as i walked around the house snapping shots i was repeating in my head, "thank you, mitch! thank you, mitch! i love you!" you see, on memorial day we woke up (very late in the morning, almost the afternoon because of our 2 am game night) and mitch said, "i think we should have the girls help clean the house and teach them the value of working together." i was like, "uhh, ok?" not my idea od a fun day off, but today, i praise him for his foresight!

1. the fridge
you'll notice that it is back in it's rightful position atop the freshly laid tile by aforementioned, wonderful husband. notice all the left overs? love the leftover because it means i don't have to cook tonight!
2. your closet
pretty boring!
3. the kitchen sink
you'll notice that i actually got around to doing that huge pile of dishes from my previous post! boy that felt good!

4. toilet
pristine! thanks to lala's toilet cleaning on monday. also, thank you to lala, she actually flushed the last time she used the toilet so there are no unseemly "treats". she has a hard time remembering to do that, but at least she washes her hands!

5. your favorite shoes
my favorites are plain black flip flops, but i left mine at the gym awhile back and just haven't replaced them. so, these are my current favorites until i make it to the store again.

6. favorite room
and from the state of our bonus room, you can tell it is everyone's favorite room. i SO wanted to put things away before taking this picture, but i restrained myself. just keeping it real!

and during the cold winters here in the northwest we L.O.V.E. our wood burning stove in the bonus room! so toasty! one other reason i love this room: mitch added it on to our house a year after we moved in! it was a great addition seeing as if we are not eating or sleeping, we are in the bonus room, although sometimes we even eat and sleep in there too!

7. what your kids are doing right now
nani and lala are climbing the muddy hill (it just stopped raining minutes ago) in our front yard with their friends alexis and brandon.

and this cute little thing...

is thankfully sleeping behind this door! and if you think i am going to go in to take her picture and risk waking her up, you are crazy!

8. laundry pile
this is the pile that needs a foldin'

9. self portrait
10. dream vacation
castawy island, fiji. of course, we would scuba dive and we would leave our kids with tutu lady!

i tag malia, michal, jess, allison, and ashley.


Darilyn said...

I love your self portrait. That was so fun to see. The colors in your yard are so pretty.

Bridget said...

These posts are so fun, I love it. I agree with Darilyn. Your yard is beautiful with all the blooming plants and flowers. When are you going to do that Fiji trip anyway. Looks gorgeous.

Melissa-Mc said...

Everything looks great. As I told Darilyn, this would be SCARY for me since I have not cleaned, done dishes, cooked or any sort of physical chore for over a month :)

Amanda said...

I did a post like this too, and it was hard for me! I should re-do it today because the dishes in my sink are gone and the blankets in the family room are gone and the floor has been vacuumed. Oh, well.

Your house looks great, and you are beautiful. I love the shoes too!

Scott-n-Allison said...

Ugh! I was hoping you were talking about another Allison...but alas, the link confirmed my suspisions...

I'll do it, but only for you.

Great to see all the pics. I guess I'll go hunt down my camera!

Malia said...

Thanks mahina for making me bare my soul to the world... the pictures on mine actually make everything look better than it really is. and some of it is tidier than usual maybe because i have slowly thought about cleaning up since mom and dad are coming out.

Yours looks good! Nice and clean! Love you!

tutu lady said...

Niiiiice, I've seen it in much worse condition. Like when it's cold and rainy outside and the girls are playing all over the house. Good job. I enjoyed it.

calibosmom said...

I'm likin' those shoes! Can I come to Fiji with you?

Elizabeth said...

Oooo, Fiji! And you are a true friend for not tagging me. You saw my house today...ugh. Your house looks great!

Lauren said...

Great job keeping it real!!!

Your home is beautiful!

Those pictures of the kids on the hill are even more beautiful!

Sorry, I got behind on reading posts but, I went back and read the ones I missed...

I agree that you shouldn't have woken up the baby snapping a picture. You are beautiful AND brilliant :)

Michal said...

dang it!!! when i started reading, i thought, "i'd better straighten a few things up before i finish this post--just in case." but i have a problem with self control when it comes to reading blogs, and i finished, telling myself that you've never tagged me so i was surely safe. and here it is 10 am on a saturday and so far all i've done is make a bigger mess of my house!

Tonya said...


Katie Smith said...

What a fun post. You have nothing to be afraid of. Your house looks fantastic! If I did this post it would be pretty boring considering our apartment is about the size of your closet. :)

Becca said...

That's the funnest "tag" I have ever seen. Your front yard looks so great. It's come so far since I moved.

aric & jess said...

I read this the day you posted it but I couldn't comment because I read it when I only had a few minutes because I had to go pick up Maya...then I saw you tagged me!

So as soon as I got back I took the pics but I am just getting a chance to post them.

The pictures of the girls playing is priceless and what an awesome yard you have! So jealous!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

you guys have such a beautiful yard!