Sunday, January 20, 2008

glad that's done!

sorry, i've had another blogger's dry spell! at least this time i have a good excuse! i have been neglecting my blog all week because of this. last tuesday i found out about it here and have been working on my book ever since! it was a huge undertaking, but you can't beat the price!

i made a similar book 2 christmases ago (through, they are on the costco photo center website) to give as gifts to the grandparent's, tutu's and great grandma. and, of course, we had one made for us, too! it was the best gift and we love having the book. what makes it that much awesomer this time around is the price!! when i did the book 2 years ago, we printed 4 copies of it. at the time, there was a deal for 50% off $100 or more. so, when all was said and done, the books cost about $35 each, which is a great price! however, the books were only about 60 pages each (they charge per page). when i saw that i could have 100 pages for $20, i was all over that! and believe me i filled the 100 pages, easy!!

since we had our sabbatical last year, i've been wanting to put together another book of all the places we went and the family we visited, but i didn't want to pay full price. i've been waiting for a sale, but hadn't seen any until last tuesday! this was the opportunity i had been waiting for!

well, i am happy to say that i finished it this morning! i am sending it off to print tomorrow!

so, that is where i have been my fellow bloggers. sorry for not keeping up with my posts, but every spare minute i had i was working on "our 2007 sabbatical trip" book! if you have ever wanted to have a hardbound book of your pictures you've gotta do this, but the deal ends january 29th, so hurry!! only 9 days left!!!

i feel like a car salesman!


Amanda said...

This sounds so neat. What a great way to capture all the memories of your trip! Be sure that you post some pics and a review of it when you get it back.

Dustin & Camila said...

Awesome offer! (actually I guess "awesomer") I'm totally jumping on this, so you ARE a salesman... er, saleswoman. Thanks for the heads up, you just doomed to me 9 days holed up in my computer room.

Erika said...

I love It is the best thing ever. I scrapbooked before Scotty was born but now its too messy & you can't just get up and walk away easily/safely :-). We use my publisher now for everything (remember those books I needed the picture of Malia for?). Anyway. Good work. That deal is spectacular.
I'd love to look at one once you're finished. Maybe you can post the link to "share" the book on line so I can see it.

Katie Smith said...

Wow! That does sound like quite the undertaking, but totally worth it. I've never heard of this, but it sounds so cool. Someday I'm going to have to see your books. I bet they are amazing!

Merilee said...

I totally want to do this. Can you add text?

Bridget said...

We did some of these as Christmas gifts too. What a great deal you found! How fun.

Mahina said...

merilee: you can add text to each picture, the only downfall is you only have 30 character spaces per photo, that includes spaces and punctuation! i would have liked more for journaling, but i did the best i could with spaces provided.

you really can't beat the price! i say do it!

Mahina said...

erika: i saw the book you did for malia and stuart. it was very cool, but i had no idea what each picture meant. stuart said the family understood. i guess that's what matters, right!

i like, too, but i am not loyal when i find a better deal! i do get the emails from them for when they have specials, but still am waiting for a 50% deal and haven't seen one for 2 years. bummer!

i'll see if i can post a link to share! i don't know how to do it yet.

Mahina said...


have fun!! you'll love it! i guess i found my calling...saleswoman! nah, i hate sales! that's so not me!

tutu lady said...

Oh! I hope you ordered a copy for me!

Danielle said...

i have been thinking about doing something like this for my parents for their anniversary. thanks for the tip!