Saturday, September 11, 2010

shoe heaven

on friday i was down to just one child. so, mahea and i went out to run some errands. one of our stops was payless shoes. i never imagined that a stop at the shoe store would make a 20 month old SOOOO happy! this girl was in heaven!

mahea1 (1) 

for the past several months mae mae has been obsessed with shoes. we have a closet in our hallway that has 4 boxes for shoes, one for each girl. anytime the door is left open we will find mae mae in there saying “shu, shu” as she grabs shoes and puts them on. it is the bain of my existence at the moment because i find random shoes spread all over the house. i am having a difficult time bending down to pick things up off of the floor so you can imagine how much i dislike finding shoes all over the place.


as much of an annoyance that it is, i love to see mae mae walking/running through the house with mismatched shoes. most of the time they aren’t even her own shoes she’s running around in!


shoes just make her so happy right now.



so, we got to the store and i took her out of the stroller and she was in shoe heaven! she couldn’t try all the shoes on fast enough. she would pull a pair off of the shelf, hand them to me, and i would put them on her feet, but she was already onto the next pair! when she had tried on all of the shoes from her size she moved up to the bigger sizes. then she got picky. i would choose a pair from up on a shelf that she couldn’t reach and she would shake her head no and push them away!


we still had a few other places to go before we picked kawena up from preschool, so we put the shoes away, made our selection, and tried to head out the door. key word “tried”! mae mae threw the biggest toddler fit because she didn’t want to leave! the stinker was NOT done with all of the shoes and was NOT ready to leave her shoe heaven!


thank goodness for strollers that have straps that she can’t undo. i forced her down into the stroller kicking and screaming and calmly pushed her out of the store! thank goodness she gets over things quickly!




Rachelle said...

Cute! Love that last pic - she looks so content with life. . . I'd never heard Mahea's nickname before. I like it!

Sara said...

Ha ha - a girl after my own heart.

Bridget said...

Wow! That last picture she looks just like a mini Lala!

Kristi said...

Mahina, your girls are gorgeous!