Thursday, June 18, 2009

camping in villanueva

last weekend we took our beloved cougar out of hibernation and took him to villanueva for a fun camping adventure! it was our first time camping with mahealani and she was a camping rock star! she made camping with four little ones seem like a breeze! she napped a total of 6 hours the first day, broken up in two naps and then slept through the night the second night!


this was our first time camping in new mexico and this campsite was great. it was a short hour and a half drive and there was a little river meandering through the campground! so, before we left we grabbed some inner tubes and life jackets from the store. boy are we glad we did! while mahea was napping we floated down the river as a family:





we called it the lazy river because it was so slow and relaxing. apparently, kawena took it literally and fell asleep while floating down it! i tell you, now that that girl doesn’t take naps she can fall asleep just about anywhere!


when did she grow up and start looking so old??


as part of the camping trip we celebrated the girl’s counsin, logan’s, 1/2 birthday, a very interesting tradition in their family (i guess you can do that for your child when she’s an only child!)! this is their cousin, a very sober child, with frosting on her mouth:


she is 2 months younger than kale’a and was celebrating her 5 and 1/2 year birthday!


the cupcakes were a big hit with all of the 27 kids there, and a big mess!



i just love little buns in swimsuits!





it was a fun family trip and we are excited for more camping this summer!


now we are off to the colorado cabin for the weekend. no internet, no cell reception, just fun relaxation with the family….have a great father’s day, i know we will!


i won’t be back online till next week….


we need to leave in 30 minutes so i better pack up the car so we can head out……


Siouxsie said...

Don't you mean little buns that didn't quite stay in the bathing suit? I just have to tell you that your pictures are always so awesome. You really manage to capture that sparkle your girls have. Hope you guys keep having a great time!

Kristi said...

Wow! What a fun trip! It looks like you guys really did some relaxing. I love the little bum picture too. Maddie just learned to take off her diaper and has been streaking around the house. Great pics Mahina!

Melissa-Mc said...

I love the picture of your family floating down the river.

Bridget said...

I wish my bum looked that cute in a swimsuit.

Amanda D said...

Amen to Bridget. :)

It looks like great fun! When we went to Bear Lake a couple years ago, my daughter fell asleep on a floatie in the lake. So cute.

Enjoy your next trip!

jessica said...

Bridget stole my comment!

You guys sure know how to do girls think camping is setting up the tent in the backyard.

Oh and I can't hardly keep up with regular birthdays...half birthdays would seriously make me crazy!

Amanda said...

I love little buns too! So cute! Honestly, your pictures are so beautiful! I wish I knew how to take pictures like you and touch them up. You're incredible. I love looking at them! Great job camping with little one's. I think that would stress me out! Have fun at the cabin!

fourlittleloves said...

Mahina!!!! I just barely saw your message on my fourlittleloves account!!! I never check that one but every once in a while! I update my Childrens Nest often but not my other one. I am so sorry!! I would have loved to have seen you!!! Oh I am sooo bummed........
I hope you had a wonderful time in Vallecito! Again you pics are adorable!! I am glad I have your email now :o) We will keep in better touch!

Grace said...

cute pics fun fun :)

ashley said...

how fun! loving the lazy river!
have a fun week, i love being disconnected!

Lauren in GA said...

I have to agree...the little buns in the swimsuit are to die for.

I love the pictures...especially you floating along with your shades on.

That is so great that you got Mahealani to sleep so well!

Malia said...

How wonderful! I hope you guys are having so much fun in at the cabin! And eat lots and lots at the Bar-D! Love you!

Sarah said...

Looks like tons of fun!