Tuesday, March 25, 2008

and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful

i am way behind in my blogging because we were having way too much fun this past weekend!

on saturday, not only was it nani's 7th birthday (can she really be that old?), but it was the annual hazeldale ward easter egg hunt. we have been doing this every year for the last 6 years and without fail it was always raining and freezing cold, with the exception of our first year.

i kept checking the weather forecast daily last week. it said rain and showers every day, except saturday it said 0% chance of rain! i still was not convinced! living in oregon, you tend to not put much weight on the weather forecast.

but, thankfully, this time the weather forecast was right! the day dawned sunny and clear. we had a great time finding eggs with the girls.

of course, i was armed with my camera and very excited to get some more practice using it, as i am still trying to figure it out.

and they're off...

what are those in there?

nani must have seen a very good egg! look at her go!

one of my favorites of the day! looks like kawena got the hang of this egg hunting thing!

"you can get two more!" i guess mitch wanted to make sure she knew her limit!

as soon as all of her eggs were found, lala made a beeline to the trampoline:

and spent almost the rest of the time on that thing! this girl loves a thrill!

kawena was in the mood for a little peek-a-boo:

as we were leaving nani decided to try out the trampoline, too! (i thought this was a pretty cool shot! i love the silhouette of the tree branches against the sky.) look at that, not a cloud in the sky!

and, because i L.O.V.E. close-ups... i saved my favorites for last...


Darilyn said...

Seriously Mahina, your pictures are so beautiful I get tears in my eyes. I look at your girls and I am reminded of similar pictures of my girls look of wonder as they hesitantly pick that egg off the grass (like the shot of Kawena) They grow up so fast.

Siouxsie said...

Those are some really fantastic photos of some really beautiful girls. I cannot believe that Miss Noelani is SEVEN!! Her arrival is such a special memory to me. Thanks for having me. :-)
Seeing those pictures of out at the Vial's makes me miss it so much. I'm glad you guys had so much fun.

Bridget said...

The one of Nani on the trampoline is so cool. It looks like it's been Photoshop'd because it looks too good.

I get credit for the good weather right? Since I was "in charge" of the activity. :)

Pineapple Princess said...

Those were amazing pictures. You have become a real pro with that camera.

Your children are so beautiful and it is fun to see little glimpses of you in them.

Melissa-Mc said...

Oh, seeing those pictures at the Vial's Easter Egg Hunt makes me miss all of you! Can it really be 7 years ago that you stole that hospital bed away from Allison :)

Michal said...

those close ups are breathtaking. you are such a talented photographer. looks like the day was a success!

Sara said...

Mahina, this is Sara from Houston. I've been checking your blog out from time to time and had to post a comment about your beautiful girls! You are a great photographer and have such photogenic subjects to work with!

My oldest daughter just turned 7 as well (in Feb) and I don't know where the time has gone. It was very weird for me to realize that I was 7 when I first met Nikki (back in Albuquerque) and 28 years later we're still friends and in touch!

Anyway, if you're interested, I have a blog now at sarasordinarymiracles.blogspot.com.

Happy Easter!

Allison said...

Beautiful day, beautiful pictures, beautiful girls!

I especially like the picture on the trampoline with the sun and tree branches behind Nani. That is some skillful photography!

tutu lady said...

Oh, Mahina, you are so right!. I do love this post. I just miss the girls so much and you and Mitch, too. of coarse. Great shots! Love ya'll

Mandy said...

That was such a fun day! You can take my family pictures anyday! You are a pro with the camera....Amazing!

Becca said...

Great pics! That easter egg hunt is always such a good time.

Amanda said...

Such good pictures! It looks like a great day for an egg hunt. Glad you enjoyed it.